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Juan, The one E/T light sample I have performed well during the Fall camp out as a marker for my tent. I’d love for the Pack to have more, but, new ideas move slowly. The major issue is how best to use them. For instance, we probably should put them in the Pack First Aid Kit, but then the kids don’t get exposed to them, so they don’t take any experience with them forward as they move to Boy Scouts. On the other hand, letting the kids use them, they’ll get lost … an expensive proposition. So, to use military terminology, doctrine is the key.

Right now, I’m suggesting that each den, during the family safety lessons, introduce the color code (slightly redefining what blue means … at least until they’re webelos) to get them use to the concept of prioritizing injuries. Then, at the webelo level, introduce the light. The committee is considering it for next year.

It’s also an education for the committee as well. For instance, the lights don’t have to be used for marking the injured, it could also be used to mark trailheads and paths for emergency personnel. So, we’d have to consider that application as well. I will be the Assistant Cubmaster next year (probably for the next 3 while my kid advances), so I’ll be in a position to influence decisions in the Pack. I’ll continue to discuss how to introduce new technology and its use, as opportunity presents itself.

I apologize for not keeping in touch with David and I hope to keep the lines of communications open while I work with the committee.

I am a Boy Scout leader in the Florida Southwest Council and a Scout Unit Commissioner in Manatee County. I would be interested in presenting the Triage Light at a January / February 2011 district meeting for our leaders to consider. Please advise what the Boy Scout pricing may be. The quanities ordered may range from individuals to group purchases.

Also, I am interested in purchasing two units Version Four for my son (an Eagle Scout) and myself for high adventure camping trips. Please advise what my costs would be and approximate shipping time.

Thank you for responding to this request.

His following email was:

The lights work well – my son and I have tried them out and plan to have them as a permanent part of a camping, fishing or hunting pack.

The district meeting I mentioned will occur later this year. Some of the “High Adventure” boy scout crews may be contacting you prior to their summer trips. These are the more rugged, outdoor experiences lasting a week or more in primitive areas.