Pro 10 Guardian

With a buoyancy of 60 newton PRO10 is the ideal safety companion for about anyone. It can lift a full grown man from 10 meters of depth but also doubles as a regular floating aid for either you or the rescue on the surface. All QS units are easily reloaded and is ready to be deployed again within minutes. Thanks to its small size when its uninflated multiple units can be carried in the same belt allowing for rescue and surface securing of multiple victims at the same time. Brochure User Guide

Pro 20 Diver

With twice the buoyancy compared to PRO10. The diver version gets the job done when lifting capacity is the most crucial factor. It has buoyancy of 120 newton inflated and can be deployed at a depth of down to 20 meters. The built in check valve ensures a controlled ascent to the surface which makes it an ideal safety companion for rescue divers and for those who just needs a little more lifting power.