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Disaster ID

The Visual 911+ app makes it insanely easy to turn your phone into a simple visual signaling screen to be used for survivor signaling purposes to aid search and rescue more easily locate you at night or under adverse conditions (ex, blacked out buildings).

  • Red = Children
  • Green = Special Needs People
  • Blue = Adults
  • Yellow = Service Animals/Pets
  • White = Catchall.

A steady signal = “I’m OK, come rescue me”, a flashing signal = “I need medical assistance, come rescue me.”

The app includes an email feature so that your family/friends are alerted you need help. The app also includes a Tweet feature, simply add the emergency hashtag (ex. #SOSHARVEY) to share your name, location, status, and phone number for the world to know you need help.

Quick Access

Today, most of the internet is accessed via a mobile device. With the Visual 911+ mobile app, you can connect with your emergency lifelines instantly.

GPS Location

Visual 911+ will email your general GPS coordinates, so when you are in urgent need of help, your lifelines know your general location & look for the visual coming from your screen.

Disaster ID

Also Included is the Disaster ID application which allows you to visually signal your location, condition and group make up.

Lifeline Friends

With your lifeline friends/family emails selected you will be able to communicate your alert status & GPS location almost instantly!


Turn on your device flashlight via the Visual 911+ application.


Easily initiate an audible alarm via the Visual 911+ application.


Try out the Visual 911+, start by clicking on the swipe right button below,
(Download the app to try email & Tweet features)

(Download the app to try email & Tweet features)

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