Version 8IR instruction

E/T Light Software Version 8 Configuration Instructions. There are two versions, “Version 8 IR” is for units having the infrared (IR/Red/Green/Blue) LED’s, while “Version 8 A” is for units having no IR LED, (Red/Yellow/Green/Blue).


  1. ON – Press and release button till you arrive at desired color/flash pattern. (R/Y/G/B or IR/R/G/B)
  2. OFF/UNLOCK – Press and hold button down for 3 seconds (3 Second Rule)
Note – (R/Y/G/B) E/T Lights will LOCK in your color selection once the selection has been left on for over 3 seconds. You will NOT be able to change the locked selection or turn it off by clicking the switch. To UNLOCK, turn off (3 Second Rule). (Note you can reprogram V6.8A and V6.8IR to have the LOCK feature activated or not activate.)

Reprogram sequence, only for version 8A and 8IR:

  • Hold switch down until you see the LED’s flash twirl on very fast (Aprox. 8 seconds), DO NOT look away or you will miss the flash twirl. (The LED flash twirl is how the E/T Light advises you it is ready to receive your input.)
  • RELEASE the switch and within 2 seconds of seeing the LED’s flash twirl start clicking the switch, click once for mode 1, click twice for mode 2, click three times for mode 3, etc….
  • When you get to the mode you desire, HOLD the switch down until you see the green LED flash. (By holding the switch down you are telling the software this is the program I want.) Ex. if you want mode 7 you click seven times and hold the switch down on the seventh click till you see the green LED flash.
  • When Green LED flashes release the switch. (The green light tells you it has the new mode in active memory.)
  • If at any time you see the red LED flash fast, the E/T Light is telling you START OVER (it did not understand your instructions and kept the last program in memory.). Turn the E/T Light OFF (3 Second Rule) and start the reprogramming sequence.

Video instruction on changing the modes in general,

Modes follow:

  • Mode 1 IR constant,IR flashing,Red constant,Green constant,Blue constant,R/G on at same time constant,Off – no locking feature activated
  • Mode 2 IR constant, IR flashing, Red constant, Red flashing, Green constant, Green flashing, Blue constant, Blue flashing, R/G on at same time constant, R/G flashing, off.
  • Mode 3 (Strictly IR) IR Constant, IR flashes at 60 pulses/min, IR flashes at 120 pulses per minute, off.
  • Mode 4 (Strictly IR) IR constant, IR flash at 60 pulses/min, IR flash at 120 pulses per minute, IR flash at 300 pulses per minute , pulse SOS rate with no auto off (broken arrow scenario), off
  • Mode 5 Navy Carrier Mode – IR constant, IR at 60 p/m, red, red flashing, green, green flashing, blue, blue flashing, , R/B at same time, R/B flashing together, R/G at same time, R/G flashing together, B/G at same time, B/G flashing together, all rotate at medium speed, off.
  • Mode 6 Responder mode – IR constant, IR flashing at 60 pulses/mi., IR flashing at 120 pulses per minute, R/B alternating, R/B flash together, R/B constant, R/G alternating, R/G flash together, R/G constant, B/G alternating, B/G flash together, B/G constant, R/G/B turn on at same time, R/G/B flash together at same time, R/G/B rotate at medium speed, off.
  • Mode 7 IR constant, IR flash at 60 p/m, IR flash at 120 p/m, red constant, red flash at 60 p/m, red flash at 120 p/m, green constant, green flash at 60 p/m, green flash at 120 p/m, blue constant, blue flash at 60 p/m, blue flash at 120 pulses p/m, R/G constant, R/G flash together at 60 p/m, R/G flash together at 120 p/m, off
  • Modes 8-14 Modes 8 through 14 are same as above but with locking feature activated
  • Mode 15 Grenade mode, light has a delay and will activate 2 seconds after the button is pressed. The lights will twirl all four colors at a fast rate for 2 seconds and then turn off.