All Guard KOF 99MT


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 STAY SAFER THAN EVER With the maximum protection possible found in an extended wear disposable facemask.

SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN Lab tested for odor control, high filtration efficiency and breathability.

EARTH AND HUMAN FRIENDLY  Using an Eco-Friendly Tencel filter that comes from renewable Eucalyptus trees, our technology keeps us & our precious earth and water sources cleaner and safer.

ALL YOU NEED IN A MASK The most comfortable, breathable, and highest protection extended wear disposable mask out there. It does not get better than the KOF 99MT.

  • ☑ 3D design, simply the most comfortable & breathable mask you will ever wear  
  • ☑ 4 Layers of protection
  • ☑ Self-cleaning technology (patent pending), see study on sodium chloride (salt) effectiveness. Click Here
  • ☑ Eco-friendly materials, See Tencel’s desirable features. Click Here
  • ☑ Cost effective, at less than 33 cents per day, simply makes economic sense for the best protection.
  • ☑ Recylable packaging
  • ☑Passed BFE (Bacteria Filtration Efficiency), and VFE (Viral Filtration Efficiency) to F2101 standards with 99.9% efficiency results. Click Here
  • ☑Passed ASTM F3502 filtration testing with a range of 83.9% up to 96.9% filtration efficiency even after 15 cleaning cycles. Click Here (Pre-cleaning results) – Click Here (Post 15 cleanings results)
  • ☑Passed ASTM F3502 standard flammability testing. Click Here
  • ☑Tencel layer treated with sodium chloride hydrogel tested to remove odors with 99+% results. Click Here 
  • ☑Made in S. Korea not China.
  • Purchase Options :
  • ☑ Singles at $4.99 ea –  SHOP NOW
  • ☑ Box (50 pcs) at $244.50 ($4.89 ea.) – SHOP NOW
  • ☑ Case (1,000 pcs) and over, email us for pricing.
  • ☑ Free logo option for orders over 200,000 pcs.


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