Velcro Helmet & MOLLE attachment accessory (VHMA)


– Two-part system, Velcro MOLLE/Helmet/Stake attachment accessory
– Made in Mexico

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– Two-part system, Velcro MOLLE/Helmet/Stake attachment accessory.
– Back section attaches to the MOLLE system.
– The front section is attached to the back section using Velcro.
– The front section can be separated from the back section to allow the front section with the E/T Light to be attached to the helmet or any other item having exposed Velcro.”
– Two large grommets allow for easy attachment using S-Biners, key rings, D-Clip, or other attachment accessories.
– Can be dummy corded by weaving the stretch cord through the silicon nose cone hole.
– Two ways to attach the E/T Light, either by using the stretch strap, or the stretch string. Can use both methods at the same time if desired.
– The stretch string can be used to attach the VHMA to stakes for use in LZ/HZ/DZ setups.


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