E/T Lights are the newest innovation in night time/adverse condition triage tagging and team member identification marking. A value purchase, E/T Lights won’t just sit in your shelf or your vehicle. Utilized for a multitude of daily purposes and reviewed by the Interagency Board (IAB). E/T Lights are associated with two Standardized Equipment Light (SEL) numbers  [03OE-03-GLRL] System, Marking, Green Line/Red Line and [09MS-01-TTAG] Tags and Supplies, Triage . AEL/SEL number info page, click here.
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So make sure to include them in your next grant applications.Lasting up to 6 days on a constant selection and up to 12 days on a flashing selection you can be confident that the E/T Light will last and not turn off after only a few hours of use, especially when you need this capability the most. Combat proven in Iraq and Afghanistan you can be sure the E/T Light will hold up to any major disaster or scenario. E/T Lights are associated with the DoD’s “Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative”. Take some time and view the “Torture tests” report and view the “Disaster City” video.

Uses include:

  • Night time initial triage tagging
  • Adverse condition initial triage tagging
  • Team member marking
  • Cookie trial marking
  • IFF
  • TCCC
  • Covert vehicle tracking
  • Cleared room indicator
  • Training
  • Range ID
  • Any signaling purpose
  • SAR dog ID
  • Your imagination is the limit

Features include:

  • Emergency off feature (No need to scroll through all the colors to turn them off) – Hold switch down for 3 seconds and the E/T Light turns off.
  • Customized software available for special requests. For example some MP’s suggested activating the red and blue LED’s to indicate that person is an MP. Ask for a particular sequence or color combination and we will work on it.
  • Locking feature activated on versions V4, V6.8A , & V8A. This feature is included for two reasons, first to prevent triaged patients from easily changing their condition. Second is to make sure the light does not turn off or change selection inadvertently.
  • Locking Not activated on Infrared versions V1, V6.8IR, and V8IR.
  • Last selection memory in case of power loss for any reason. The light turns back on to the last selection before power was lost.
  • E/T Lights combine four colors into one device (Red/Yellow/Green/Blue) or (IR/ Red/Green/Blue)
  • Versions V1, V6.8IR, & V8IR, IR selections activate with a ~3 hour auto off timer. This helps prevent battery drain in case the lights are activated or left on inadvertently.

Benefits are:

  • Reduce patient collection times by over 30%
  • Reduce patient collection errors from 4 errors down to one error
  • Reduce your chemical light stick budget by over 90%
  • Great value at just under $12 per color
  • Reduce the weight and volume carried by the responder for this type of equipment by over 60%
  • Improve situational awareness of patients, team members, etc…especially at night or under adverse conditions up to 85% (See TEEX D2R Report).
  • Improve your Return on Investment – chemical lights are a $1+, you never get back once it is cracked. E/T Lights are reusable and can be turned off. Once you replace the battery you reduce your per hour costs to as little as $0.01/hour.
  • Reduce storage costs, logistics costs and replacement costs associated with chemical lights

We recommend the following E/T Light versions for first responder activities. Select which version best fits your department’s requirements:

  • Version 1 – Constant IR, flashing IR, constant red, constant green, constant blue, off.
  • Version V4 – constant red, flashing red, constant yellow, flashing yellow, constant green, flashing green, constant blue, flashing blue.
  • Version 6.8A – Has fifteen programmed modes. See Military page for mode descriptions
  • Version 6.8IR – Has fifteen programmed modes, including strictly IR modes and light grenade distractionary mode. Version 6.8IR, infrared selections come programmed with an automatic ~3 hour auto off feature. See Military page for mode descriptions.
  • Version 8A – Dual color activation capability, with fifteen programmed modes. See, version 8 instructions for mode descriptions
  • Version 8IR – Dual color activation capability, with fifteen programmed modes, including strictly IR modes and light grenade distraction mode. Version 8IR, infrared selections come programmed with an automatic ~3 hour auto off feature. See version 8 instructions for mode descriptions.

Suggest version 6.8A for elderly/disabled and general family safety and fun.

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Triage lights for night time MCI
Innovative zone, E/T Lights
Light’s ID Humans During Katrina
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ESF-9 USAR night time training using E/T light