E/T Lights are the newest, most versatile and toughest illuminated marking devices. Combining four colors into one illuminated signaling device, E/T Lights are great for many different sporting activities. Combat proven in Iraq and Afghanistan, E/T Lights are tough and reliable. Lasting up to 6 days on a constant selection or up to 12 days on a flashing selection, you can always count on having night’s worth of illumination/marking capabilities. If used sporadically, the included replaceable battery can last over 4 years. Stop throwing your hard earned money away a dollar at a time by constantly having to buy chemical light sticks. Following are various uses:
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • SCUBA Diving
  • Fishing
  • Camp Member Marking
  • Tent Illumination
  • Cookie Trail Marking
  • Blue – Blood Trail Illumination
  • Back-Up Directional Lights For Boats or Kayak
  • Crab Trap Marking
  • Caving
  • Red-Night Vision Preservation
  • Yellow – Low Light Animal Watching
  • Green–Map Reading
  • Emergency off feature (No need to scroll through all the colors to turn them off) – Hold switch down for 3 seconds and the E/T Light turns off.
  • Locking feature activated on versions V4, V6.8A, & V8A This prevents the lights from changing inadvertently during your use.
  • Last selection memory feature in case of power loss due to shock from rough use. The light remembers and turns back on to the last selection before power was lost.
  • At an entry cost of $47.99, it’s a great value at around $12 per color. E/T Lights cost as little as $0.01 per hour to run once the first battery is replaced.
  • Reduce the weight and volume you carry when utilizing un-reusable and bulky multiple colored chemical lights.
  • E/T Lights combine four colors into one device (Red/Yellow/Green/Blue), IR versions available.
  • E/T Lights are reusable and the batteries can be replaced.
  • Silicon tops/bottoms can be cheaply replaced if damaged or worn after years of use and training.

For fun, sporting and outdoor uses we suggest:

  • Version V4 – constant red, flashing red, constant yellow, flashing yellow, constant green, flashing green, constant blue, flashing blue.
  • Version 6.8A – Has fifteen programmed modes. See Military page for mode descriptions.

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