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Yes the package arrived  a few days ago. I showed them to our 18D and he was pretty excited. We, one put a few magnetic bases on the version 1’s and used them for IFF for the aircraft we been using overhead, and we stashed a few in IFAK’s for use if someone gets hurt, hopefully we’ll never us those, but there in case. We’re going to put them through the tests and I’ll put together a product and push up my chain of command. I think they are awesome so we’ll see what I can do. I really appreciate the generosity. These little lights are pretty cool and the guys who go the compass lights were even happier. Thanks again.


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These lights are awesome.  I sent the information to my old unit in Korea. They are aviation and go through chemlights faster than toilet paper. I spoke w/ CPT JXXXX regarding the lights and she also thinks they are awesome.  She’s enroute to her new unit right now.  She’s very impressed by them and wants to introduce them to her unit.

Operations Officer

Good Evening,
hope all you are home by now with the family and not still on the road.  I enjoyed talking with you at the convention inside the Gaylord hotel.  We had talk about you sending me some triage lights to help us eliminate chem lights in my unit which is deploying soon.  I have been checking the ones out that you gave me and they are awesome.  The magnetic base is amazing, this thing sticks to everything and stays where you put it.  I think we would have a large use for them in country and during training events.  Some of the uses that I think we could use them for include but are not limited to triage, room clearing, night ranges, land navigation, marking targets, etc.  the list can go on.  After playing with this for a couple of days they are very easy to use.  I know we used about 60 to 80 chem lights at the range when we could have used about 30 to 40 of the triage lights and we would have been able to reuse them unlike the chem lights.  We usually take a yellow chem light and put it on a soldiers back so that we can id them on the night fire range and we use green and red chem lights for safeties. 

I was also checking out the Silicon Flashlight Top that you had on display and am thinking of picking a couple of those up.  I think they will have some great benefits in the vehicles especially with the magnetic base, great for night ops. 

I really appreciate the support you have offered us.  Dedicated individuals like yourself that go the extra mile to help out soldiers our one of a kind.  You don’t see that everyday.


Got a few minutes to throw that list together for you. I looked at the new switch design and it looks good. I had not problems working the other one, even with gloves on so I didn’t see a need for a change, but I’m one guy.

Here’s just a short list that I found useful for the lights.
1. Used Flashlight Top and Magnetic base for Map Reading Lights in our HUMVEE
2. Same configuration mounted on top of HUMVEE for IFF (Blinking IR) identification
3. We trained using the traditional light as a Triage Use
4. Used the Rapidly Flashing Multicolor as Casualty Collection Point Marking
5. I mounted with 550 on the back of a few Soldiers to use as IFF Markings for Personnel
    – strobes tend to be way to intense for dismounted personnel and washes out NVG’s. These seemed to work much better and didn’t wash out the NVG’s
6. I used one in my tent simply for Low Level Light at night when I didn’t want to blind everyone else sleeping in the tent.
7. The Light can be used as a BUZZ Saw signal easily by tying it to a longer piece of 550 Cord.

This is main uses I found for the light. Simply use it for one thing and it transitions to another so simply. And when you don’t need it, it turns off. Chemlights have to be thrown away or hidden in a pocket. The only thing I thought might be useful was some type of pouch or mount that could be put right onto the Soldiers Body Armor or Tactical Vest. Like I said, I used 550 to mount them on a couple Grab Handles that worked out well. But that was kind of permanent. Had to cut 550 if I wanted to use it for something else. If there was a small pouch that was clear it could be mounted so it could be used as an IFF, Map Light, or in the case of a casualty pulled out and use the supplied Lanyard, hang it over the Soldier Neck and it’s his Triage Light. I had a Wrist GPS case that mounts on your Vest that I intended to try this out on, but like most great ideas you forget to do it. Also, Maybe a directional nose cone. Such as you can do with a Chemlight and put tape on one side and it pushes more light to one side. This might help when your trying to use it as a Map Reading Light or and IFF.

These are just some of the obvious uses I found. I’m sure with more time and more situations I’ll come up with some more. These new lights hold lots of promise and I definitely look forward to trying them out when I get home. Thanks again for everything.

From: J

Yeah man, I actually just got it yesterday, good timing.  Everyone likes the compass lights, the are very useful.  My medics also liked the emergency lights because it is easier to have then a bunch of chem lights. Luckily we have only had the opportunity to use the compass lghts and not the former.  Thanks for all your help and discounts. We all appreciate it. 


we were able to use the lights and had a lot of positive feedback. I gave the lights to our Combined Operations Center and they are doing some test on the different light systems we have. I have moved to FT Belvoir and I’m no longer at Walter reed as it closes in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your assistance and I will pass along you info to the COC guys.



Medical Center Brigade
Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Good Afternoon Sir,
I just returned from a mission in Musa Qala and just got your package your new lights would have been a great asset out there but didn’t get them in time. If I go back out I will definitely take them with we could of used them to set up an LZ out there for MED EVAC’s. I have passed 2 out already and told the Marines to use them and let me know what they think about them. I will have some feedback for you as soon as we really put them to use.


I got to try the lights out and they worked extremely well. My commander even complimented on their ease of use and versatility. During the JOAX I used one of the IR one’s I forget the Version, 4 I think you sent me. I used it as an IR Buzz Saw to help draw Paratroopers in on the Assembly Area. Worked great, guys told me they could see the Buzz saw from as far as 1 km away on the DZ. The DZ was relatively flat so it was not restricted by terrain. Only issue was, and I could could have fixed it was that the string provided wasn’t quite long enough. It sufficed, but I could have thought of it before and added 550 cord but that was my mistake.

We also used the IR blinking for a Vehicle Forward Passage of lines. When I linked up with the convoy commander. He actually asked me what those lights were and said that it worked better than he had ever seen. The drivers were draw right into formation and straight throw without any hitches. I asked him how far out he could see them and the area we were working in was sort of hilly. He said as soon as he crested the hill that he could see them, probably 800m or so.

During our Platoon mission I used a few of the lights to mark key leaders so I could see their movement as we maneuvered through the woods and they worked just as well as any strobe I have ever used.

During our training the next night, one of my squad leaders actually used one as a marker unexpectedly. The illumination was extremely low, so he took his strobe and launched it to the objective so that the rest of the squad could see the actual objective. I hadn’t anticipated this use. Almost like a smoke grenade marking a target. I thought it was pretty ingenious.

I used the lights in an admin mode to help set in our Patrol Base as I would have used regular chem lights. Putting up a random color up on a tree so that the 6, 10, and 2 could be easily seen so my squads could emplace. Again the lanyard came in very useful so I could quickly attach it to a tree without any tape or string.

I tried to test the various colors and none seemed to out “Shine” the other, no pun intended. The woodline wasn’t thick but the terrain wasn’t great so I couldn’t get a good flat area to really test the distance, but at 750 – 800m they were easily visible in all spectrums. IR and all colors.

I threw the sportsman cap on one and used it when I was reading a map and it worked very well. Just as well as a headlamp would have worked. Plus the lanyard securely attached it to me gear so I didn’t worry about losing it. The only issue that I did catch was the lanyard pulled off the bottom cap. No biggy I caught it, and this can be fixed by a little 100 mph tape. 

Like I’ve told you before, the more uses I have found for these lights. They really are awesome, and I will be using them for a long time.

Could I say that the 9V strobe is better than the Triage light, no. Would I say in IR mode the Triage light is better than the 9V strobe, again I can’t really say one has a real advantage. They both function exceptionally in this role. The only advantage that the 9V has right now is the availability of 9V batteries, but if your light is fielded I’m sure it’s batteries will be more readily available. Although, I haven’t had to replace a battery yet, they look like CR123 3V lithiums, are they? If so, that last statement is null. The way the triage light goes leaps above any light i have worked with is the ability to be steady IR, beacon IR, and all various colors of actual light. It really does do away with the need for chemlights. My CCP for our casualties was so simple to run. I used the multicolor flash for the CCP marking which made ID of the CCP the easiest my 1SG said he had ever seen. But for the casualties, Press the button to the right color and clip the light on the casualty. Instead of searching for the right color chemlight and popping it and wasting it. Once the casualty was on MEDEVAC, turn off the light and reset for another. In the Paratrooper world where weight equals pain, the less I have to carry the happier I am. If you have any more questions let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.


J C, 
They are awsome. I think it is a great product. I don’t have any additional comments or suggestion for the improvement of the light. It seems to me that you have already made new improvements that will better help first responders and others that may need your product. 


We are in the field now and they worked great on the weapons qualification night fire. The unit ran out of actual Cem lights and we put some of the lanes were using the triage lights. They worked great and the soldiers like using them in the barracks for lights over there beds. 


You can’t get a better feedback report than what you got from the attachment…your light works and works well in all environments. Great concept for mass casualties and other triage situations.

Deputy Director
III MEF, Tactical Medical Simulation Center

Everyone seems to like them, no complaints from the field. I do appreciate all of the samples that you sent me. I have given your information to our acquisition guys, let me knowif you hear from them in the future.

Thanks again.

I just received your email this morning concerning the E/T LIghts and thus far I have to say they have been very helpful. A couple of our line medics utalized them in the field and really enjoy the results. They have stated to me that the practcality and easy to use features make their job easier. The evacuations of personnel over the last several weeks since being in country allowed us the opportunity to use the E/T Lights in various ways. I’m trying to get some of the medics to take a picture using them therefore I can send them to you guys. Thank you for your support in our operation and I will be contacting you again soon.


His prior email to the one above:

Dear Southwest Synergistic Solutions C/O Juan Cienfuegos, My name is SGT XXXXXX, Stephen and I am writing regarding your Triage Lights Product. I am currently stationed at Ft. Carson, Co assigned to HHC 1-12 IN 4BCT, 4ID. I have been a medic with 1-12In for over 4 yrs currently and have a great interest in your product the Emergency/Triage Light. After reading your advertisement and thoroughly researching your product on the internet, your technology offers a simple method for identification and marking of triage scenarios. Our unit is scheduled to return to Afghanistan shortly and we feel that this product would provide a valuable solution for our first responders. We have utilized other various products of marking capability in my previous deployments and through a consensus feel that we need a better, more reliable form of marking. I would appreciate it greatly if your company would contact me to discuss potential purchases. There are approximately 45 medics in our platoon and I would be interested in more information pertaining to price, discounts, purchasing in bulk, or any possibility of sponsorship. Thank you very much and hope to hear from your organization soon.

Sincerely, SGT

I took the triage light into ~ -20*F the other day and it worked well.  The outer shell did not get brittle as I suspected, and the lights worked when ever I tried them over a 1 hour timeframe.  I did not cold soak them overnight to see if there would be any battery degradation.  I was able to toggle the light while wearing blue glove liners and OR windstopper outer gloves (did not try in the dark). 

I did note that the chemlites where frozen after only 10 minutes, and when I attempted to break them they would not mix and glow.  After re-warming the chemlites, they worked.  I replaced them into the cold environment the lites re-froze and did not work very well.

AFSOC Battlefield Airman Requirements

Just got the package in.  Played with the light and I am happy.  It is reliable, and the battery is easily removed.  Can I get a price quote(s) for these?  Thanks, and good work.

Also, wanted to let you know that the lights (from the previous order) have now been used in a mass casualty mission in combat and performed admirably. You can now put “combat proven” in your advertising.  I just ask that if you put any quotes in that you keep my name and unit out (for security reasons). Thanks.