S-Cut 06-501- An Emergency Cutting Tool – NSN 6515.01.668.7095


S-Cut is designed for use on patients in rescue situations as well as emergency situations in hospitals. The tool can easily be used with thick gloves. 2023 and forward models include a blade lever to aid in rotating the blade, and include an Oxygen key at the base of the handle.

NSN 6515.01.668.7095 – MODEL 501/RED

Weight: 0.280 kg / 9.8 oz.
Length: 239 mm / 9.4 in
Width: 24 mm / .94 in

Stainless steel, anodized aluminum and heat resistant plastic parts (up to 100 degrees C, 212 degrees F). Strong detergents may affect the anodized surface but will not affect the cutting performance.

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S-Cut 501:

(2023 Updated Model 501)

(2022 and prior Model 501)

Cleaning Guide

Comparisons of S-Cut vs scissors in acute trauma care
When buying one S-Cut 501, it’s like buying 6 shears (cutting edges). Since each 501 model now comes with an extra blade you are purchasing 12 cutting edges for the price. The real savings kick in, when you purchase the replacement blades. For $119.95 you are getting 4 blades with 6 edges each. That’s (6 edges by 4 blades =) 24 cutting edges. $119.95 divided 24 cutting edges = $4.99 per cutting edge, that’s cheaper than ~$10 per shears that need to be fully replaced once the edge has dulled.

Fire Suit S-Cut Training Video

S-Cut “2016 EMS World Innovation Award Winner”

The Emergency Cutting Tool for Rescue Services

S-Cut is designed for use on patients in rescue situations as well as emergency situations in hospitals. It is a fast way to remove the patient’s clothes in order to expose injuries without needing to change the patient’s position which could inflict further injury or unnecessary pain.

S-Cut replaces scissors, knives, rescue hooks, seat belt cutters, and similar tools. Ordinary fabrics as well as leather belts, zippers and heavy outerwear can be easily cut. All you need is a free edge of the clothes where you can start the cut. S-Cut is designed for optimal ergonomics and provides an excellent grip. Using scissors in heavy materials will most often require a lot of effort. The S-Cut is used with a pulling action requiring minimal effort.

The circular cutting blade is recessed in order to protect the patient and user from injury. The cutting blade can be easily replaced without the need for any additional tools. Few parts, which can be easily removed and assembled, makes the cleaning process easy.

The S-Cut is used with success in hospitals and ambulance stations throughout Europe, the Swedish International Rescue Service, Fire Brigades, the Swedish Army, the US Army, FBI, prisons, US first responder and US Hospitals among others.

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