“NEW” – Version 8IR Kit (Dual Color & strictly IR capable) Kit w/ IR setting 3 hours auto off timer


“8IR Default mode is program mode 1 (PJ version, no lock). The sequence follows:
• IR constant
* IR flashing
* Red constant
* Green constant
* Blue constant
* R/G on at same time constant
* Off – no locking feature activated”
Click here to view all modes.

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  • Dual color capability, for example red/blue alternating to ID Police/MP’s, or red/blue together to ID “Grapes on carrier decks, etc…, Click here to see all selections, *Special feature is ~ 3 hour IR selection auto off timer, this helps avoid inadvertent battery drain due to inadvertent activation. One IR selection, in modes 4 & 11, will remain on till the battery drains.
  • Emergency Off Feature – To turn off the E/T Light simply hold switch down for 3 seconds. There is no need to scroll through all the selections.
  • Memory Feature – If the unit losses power for any reason the last selection stays in memory and when power is restored will turn back on to that selection.
  • Locking Feature – This feature locks in the selected color after 3 seconds of having been left on a particular selection. This serves several purposes, one it prevents triaged patients from easily upgrading their triage status. Two, when attached to a patient or personnel it prevents the lights from changing color if the switch is inadvertently pressed. If the switch is pressed nothing happens, the color and flash pattern remain the same.
  • We run as little as 1 penny to 4 pennies per hour to run, great long term savings
  • 550 para-chord w/breakaway lanyard, Gen II nosecone, and 3” T-tab for easy attachment to MOLLE, helmet straps, handles, etc…


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